The 2Plus2 Band is a wedding reception specialist. We perform at more weddings than any other type of performance. We have helped hundreds of brides and grooms get the right music mix and song selections for their wedding day. We consider it an honor and a privilege to be of service to you on this very special and joyous occasion in your life.

Here are a few tips for a great wedding reception.

 1. Plan Early and Book Early! Once you set your date, book your location and venue and then add everything else like caterers, photographers and, of course, the 2Plus2 Band! :)

 2. While you can certainly make all the arrangements yourself, a wedding planner can handle all the details and allow you to concentrate on other enjoying yourself!

 3. Upon booking the 2Plus2 Band, we will send you our Performance Contract and our exclusive Wedding Reception Information Form. The information form is a simple "fill in the blanks" document so that you can decide upon details like the song for your First Dance, or listing the names of the Bridal Party for introductions and much more.

 4. When you book the 2Plus2 Band you not only get a great, live dance band but you also get professional DJ service as well. All bands have to take a few breaks. When we are on break we keep the party going with DJ dance music or any other type of music you prefer. We always coordinate our breaks to coincide with your reception schedule of events. When you need us to be on, we're ON!

 5. Indoors or Outdoors that is the question. With indoor weddings everyone is protected from the weather. With outdoor weddings they are not. Weather is all important! Are outdoor weddings less expensive? Not always. Consider your total costs including tents, chairs, tables, tableware, lighting and much more. Getting electrical power to the site can also be an issue with some outdoor venues. You'll need power for lighting, caterers, photo and video pros and, of course, the band! Be aware of electrical cords and cables lying on the ground. They can be dangerous and become a trip hazard. The 2Plus2 Band has performed at many outdoor wedding receptions. Some venues are better equipped than others. Ask lots of questions. See our Performance Contract and other vendor contracts for outdoor requirements.

     You can also choose an indoor venue with outdoor features and options such as an outdoor area where guests can mingle over cocktails or take in the fantastic view! If you are planning an outdoor wedding, have a bad weather plan. A well thought out "Plan B" will keep everything moving smoothly in the event of bad weather.

     Bugs, mosquitoes and other creepy crawly things that live outdoors can really upset the atmosphere. The 2Plus2 Band has performed at many "high end" outdoor wedding receptions where the best of everything was provided......except one thing......pest control. After the sun goes down (and sometimes before) here come the uninvited guest to swarm, bite and otherwise feed upon you and your guest. They can be very annoying. This can all be avoided with a simple solution. Treat the area before the event. At least 2-3 hours before the time of arrival or at least the day before have the entire area treated with a product like Ortho Bug-Be-Gone. Attach the container to the end of a garden hose, open the valve and spray away. Its highly effective, low cost and will really save the day. Of course, you can always hire a professional to do this for you. Don't forget this often overlooked necessity. Your guest probably won't notice if the bugs are not there but they will certainly notice if they ARE!

 6. In addition to great music, the 2plus2 Band also provides professional emcee service for all your introductions and announcements. We take the time to study your reception timeline and announcement requirements including the all important names of the Bridal Party. To ensure that your reception proceeds smoothly prepare your timeline and announcement schedule well in advance including your list of names (properly spelled with phonetic spellings if possible). Make sure this is typed and not hand written. This will avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. If last minute changes are necessary, try to get them typed as well, if not, print as clearly as possible. Even email and text messages are better than hand writing. All vendors have smart phones with email, text, etc. so make full use of them.

 7. Last Minute Changes! Things happen beyond your control. Its a fact of life. Wedding vendors know this all too well. If last minute changes are necessary know that your vendors will do all that they can to try to accommodate your needs. The 2Plus2 Band will also. Try to avoid last minute changes if you can but if you must, you must. Don't worry, we will work with you to work it out.